PO Box 29
7833 ZG Nieuw Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 591 551733
Fax: +31 591 553781
Email: info@geha-holland.nl

Specialist supplier for industrial air cooling

Geha is one of Europe’s largest suppliers in the field of heat transfer. We develop, produce and supply components for the cooling of industrial processes.

Machine-produced fan rings up to a diameter of 7.30 metres and components such as drives, bearing blocks, louvre dampers and plenums form the core of our product range. Because we also undertake the engineering and assembly, Geha is able to supply complete systems. We do that in collaboration with or on the instructions of suppliers of heat exchangers.

Geha products are used in industrial cooling installations in the energy sector and the (petro)chemical industry.

If you would like to find out more then please call + 31 591 551733 or email info@geha-holland.nl.

Worldwide maintenance

Geha also provides worldwide maintenance for industrial cooling installations. Click here for more information.

Other application possibilities

Many products such as bearings and louvres have a wide range of application possibilities in a large number of industries. Information about products and services such as fan rings, bearing blocks, louvre dampers, plenums and turnkey solutions can be found via this link.

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