Geha products are used throughout the world where heat, released from processes, is cooled using air or water. On the instructions of heat exchanger manufacturers, Geha designs, produces and supplies elements and components such as fan rings, louvres, bearing blocks and drives for industrial cooling installations. 

GEHA_applications.jpgThe most important applications are in the (petro)chemical industry and the energy sector, however, Geha products are also used in cooling installations for oil and gas production, waste incineration, tunnels and ice rinks. 

Geha also undertakes assembly and maintenance work on cooling installations on both on-shore and off-shore drilling platforms, where our specialist field staff are also able to undertake repairs and upgrades.

Virtually silent

More and more installations are located in areas in which people also live and work. The air cooling must therefore be capable of doing its work as silently as possible. The ellipsoid shape of the air intake means that there is very little turbulence when air is being drawn in, as a result of which noise production is reduced to a minimum.