Louvre dampers

The louvres have been developed to cover heat exchangers and air coolers. The maximum dimensions of an individual louvre panel are 3500 x 7500 mm. By connecting together louvre panels it is possible to cover a maximum area of 10.5 x 15 metres. The louvre blades have a streamlined double-wall profile for minimum resistance. 

There are two types: parallel blades are suitable for use at higher temperatures or in vertical applications; with contra-rotation blades it is possible to control optimum air flow, as a result of which the heat can be retained in the matrix. 

The controls are fitted outside of the air flow and can therefore be easily accessed for maintenance purposes. The larger panels have a double drive arrangement. You can choose from manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation. Depending on the use and the climate conditions, the louvres are made from steel (hot-dip galvanised, painted or stainless steel) or aluminium. Brass or Teflon is used for the bearings.