Fan rings

Geha produces fan rings in all sizes up to a diameter of 7300 mm (24 ft) in steel and supplies fan rings up to a diameter of 36ft in synthetic material.

By using a roll forming technique the fan rings have low weight and high stability. The ellipsoid shape of the inlet side ensures efficient and uniform air flow, as a result of which air turbulence is minimised and silent operation is guaranteed. This reduction in air turbulence also reduces power consumption, as a result of which operating costs are reduced considerably. 

Diffusor.jpgThe fan rings are fitted with fixing points for the motor / fan suspension. The design of the suspension is customer specific and depends on the type and the diameter of the fan blades, the power of the motor as well as the position of the motor (inside or outside the air flow). 

The installation of a diffuser (see photo) further reduces the impact of noise on the environment, where -besides the use of our low-noise fan housings- additional noise abatement is called for. 

We use stainless steel or other steel. Surface treatment for carbon steel (optional and dependent on climate conditions) is hot-dip galvanising, painting or a combination of both.


There are three standard drive methods for Geha fans. Relatively small fans can be driven directly by the motor. The vast majority of large fans are driven using V-belts. On request, it is also possible for a gear drive to be supplied, however, due to noise standards and additional maintenance requirements this option is selected less often. 

In addition, the fans can be supplied as a blowing or extraction type. The different options are shown in the adjacent list.

If your preferred drive method is not listed then please contact us for a customised quote. We can also calculate the most optimum blade configuration and motor for you. You can find more information about this under engineering.